This is a private acoustic event with Suzi Kory and guitarist Jeff Brown featuring special guests Dave Wells and Bobby Kelly from The House Call. Limited tickets are available to the public for $20 per person.

Doors open to the grounds at 6:45 pm. Show starts at 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm

Guests attending the show will be provided with the exact address on the ticket receipt, upon its purchase.

Guests will be able to park their vehicle on the grounds of the property, however, will need to bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating purposes in order to watch the show held outdoors in the field.

Guests may bring their own food and refreshments (as no vendor is available on site). A garbage bag will be provided and guests are asked to ensure all consumed items are disposed of in the bag so that the area on the grounds remains clean. Consumption of alcohol and use of drugs are not permitted.

It is recommended that you bring your own hand sanitizer and bug spray, as this is an outdoor event. Washrooms will not be available to the public, therefore we recommend that you are able to visit a washroom prior to your arrival at the event.